Sunday, February 3, 2013

Water Spotted Nails

Okay so after many many attempts I think I have come pretty close to duplicating the water spotted mani that has been seen by many on Cutepolish. I looked everywhere for a hand sanitizer that sprayed, I used alcohol, I used acetone, and I used little perfume sample bottles (bad idea). After trial and error I just decided to use a spray pump from one of my hair products and stick it into a full bottle of hand sanitizer with aloe. 

Here are the items I used. 
Color Club Over the Moon
OPI Black Onyx
Out The Door top coat
A medium angled art brush for the Vaseline
An orange wood stick
Purell hand sanitizer with aloe
And a votive holder full of luke warm water

I started off by painting two coats of Color Club Over The Moon (didn't get pictures, sorry)
After both coats were dry I got my water and other supplies. I used the angled brush to brush Vaseline around the outside of my cuticles, the under side of my finger, and up to my knuckle. Once my finger were prepped I was ready to go. I used 6 drops of the Black Onyx in order to get it as dark as I wanted it to be. 

After I was finish with both hands I wrapped a little bit of cotton on the orange wood stick and cleaned up all the excess polish that was on my fingers. I like this method more than the tape method. The polish seems to come off in big chunk and it makes for an easier clean up. Plus it softens your fingers a bit during the process and your not using a ton of tape. 

Now on to the final results.  

Please excuse the fact that I had a total Klonopin durrr moment and totally forgot to edit these. 

Thanks for looking, Crystal :)

This weeks books were Die For Me and Until I Die by Amy Plum. I also read Awakened by Brenda K Davis. All three books were kind of meh. I liked the first two way more than the last book I read. 


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